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Six Flags New England 


Six Flags New England Holiday Lights


Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari

Six Flags Tid Bits (2018-2022)

.Six Flag New England

If you plan to visit the park more than once in a season, the season's passes or memberships make the most sense. 

Both the seasons passes and the membership will allow you entry to the theme park, the waterpark, and the seasonal offerings such as holiday lights. 

Six Flags Great Adventure

Just about every year we buy the Six Flags seasons passes, which at one point allowed free entry to any of the Six Flags parks.  We were surprised to find out at the gate that the drive thru safari is no longer included with a seasons pass purchased at another park. 

If you haven't gone on the safari, it's definitely a must do. It's a one of a kind experience. Over the years, Great Adventures has alternated between allowing visitors to drive their own vehicles through the safari to driving visitors through on safari jeeps. Our last visit in 2022, we were allowed to drive ourselves (which I prefer.) 

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