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Nickelodeon Resort Riviera Maya, Mexico 2023

Nickelodeon  Riviera Maya is Jayden's vote for favorite.  All inclusive,  activities throughout the day, character breakfast show,  AMAZING shows, Karisma Gourmet dinning, water park fun, and best of all the swimming pool attached to each and every room throughout the resort.  We stayed in the Swim Up Oceanfront Queen Suite.  Options are pretty much the Swim Up Oceanfront Queen and King suites, which are the most economical and are located on the 2-5th floors. The Swim Up Pool Deck Level Suites are located on the 1st floor and are the only rooms with direct access to the beachfront and pool bars from your room pool. The Penthouse Suites are located on the 6th floor (the top floor) with panoramic views. Lastly, but certainly not least, The Big Kahuna, The Pineapple Suite, and The Lair are the big boys. These Suites are located on the corners of the top 6th floor and are 3,000 sq ft about the size of 5-6 of the regular swim up suites.  As you would imagine, the cost is astronomical.


Room Service

We didn't use the room service option other than our first morning and one day for lunch. We found the other food options around the resort to be better for us. The french toast came with cream cheese between the slices, which my boys were not thrilled about. Other than that, its an "okay" option for when you don't feel like leaving the room. 

Character Breakfast

I would rate the character breakfast an A+ because of the atmosphere, interactions with the characters, entertainment, and how they invite the children to join the party, conga line, and limbo at the end. 

Food however was subpar. The table was set with the food shown below and they only offered 3 menu options, a nacho dish, pancakes, or an omelet. 



Dinner Option Only & Reservations are Required: Location is the main lobby: Italian Food Options


Bikini Bottom

Late Breakfast and Lunch options:

Located Lower Level at Seaside. 


Good Burger

Dinner options:

Located Lower Level at Seaside. 



Breakfast at Lower Main Lobby


Nick Bistro

            Lunch at Aqua Nick

Tid Bits

-Make sure to book your reservation for Piazza (the Ninja Turtle Italian Cuizine Restaurant) immediately upon check in. This is the only restaurant that requires reservations.

-The character breakfast party will cost you around $500 for a family of 4. Yes, that's right $500usd. It's an experience you don't want to miss, unlike any character meal we've ever been to. The characters perform, invite the children up to dance, do a conga line and limbo.  You can request to attend a 1 hour Karisma presentation to get the character breakfast cost reduced to $125.  

-I hate comparing Riviera Maya to the Punta Cana resort, but overall I must say Nickelodeon Riviera Maya is much better. Reasons why.

The suites are all located in one building with 3 dining options on the lower level of that building (Bikini Bottom for late breakfast/lunch, Good Burger for dinner and Yact Club for dinner.)

The water park at this resort is way bigger, with more activities for children, and just overall better. 

 All rooms at this resort have a  pool and face the ocean for the most beautiful views of sunsets. 

The nighttime shows at this resort are top level and way better than the shows at Punta Cana. 

The food is amazing, the food at Punta Cana was amazing as well. This one is a toss up. It all depends on your pallet. 

The one area of weakness of this resort is the beach. There really isn't much of a beach to relax on if you are looking to travel for beach days. The sharp rocks prevent you from wading in the water and overall the beach really is the only downfall of this resort.


-You can pay to get slimed, which we did this time around. Its an overpriced experience of being doused in green colored water (not slime), but for $55 with a $25 resort credit off, I'd say the experience was worth it. 

-The staff are so friendly and offer to grab your phone for pictures at every character meet and greet and experience. There's really no reason to buy the photo package because the staff will video and take photos for you. 

-You can ask to tour the Big Kahuna, the Lair, and The Pineapple Suite. We requested a tour, but the rooms were booked our entire stay. 

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