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The LegoLand NY resort has 4 types of themed room. Kingdom, Pirate, Lego Friends, and Ninjago. We stayed in Ninjago Premium Themed first stay, which is their standard room in the late spring the end of May 2022. The cost for 1 night at the resort without park tickets cost us around $590 and park tickets about $44 each for the day with a promo code, ($80-95 without a discount). If you purchase the 1 night stay with the 2 day park tickets, the cost for a family of 4 will cost you around $1,100 total. 

We stayed at LegoLand again that year for their first year opening the park for a limited winter celebration. Our winter December stay was in the Pirate Premium Themed room which cost us about $379 for one night for just the room and about $44 for the winter park admission tickets. If you are interested in booking your tickets and room separately, here's the link for the rooms only booking page which is ridiculously hard to find on the website. You are welcome!


Resort/Hotel Dining

Brick's Family Restaurant Breakfast

Our resort stay included free breakfast for the 4 of us. The breakfast buffet was pretty inclusive. Both hot and cold breakfast options were offered. Tea, coffee, juices, and fountain drinks were included as well. The fruits were fresh and delicious. Overall, I was pretty happy with the breakfast.


Resort/Hotel Dining

Brick's Family Restaurant Dinner

We ate at Brick's FR for dinner. We ordered the skirt steak family style dinner, which came with potatoes and vegetables. 

Two thumbs down for the dinner with regards to both taste and price. The steak was bland. Our children did enjoy the kid's meals (chicken fingers and cheese burger). The cost after a 20% tip was $110. We wished we had ordered Uber Eats to the resort. 


In Park Dining 

Smokey's Brick-B-Que

We decided to eat at Smokey's after going around the park and weighing out dining options. The menu prices were standard overpriced per usual in a theme park. We ordered a Brisket meal and a combination meal that included 3 meat choices (pulled pork, chicken, and sausage). The meal cost about $75 for the 2 meals. 


Tid Bits

(Their customer service representative are called Model Citizens by the way)

The resort has many activities planned throughout the day and during the evening. My boys did a Robot Lego activity with a few of the Model Citizens.  It was a nice touch. There was nighttime story reading and other activities. 

There's an indoor lego playscape at the resort that our boys loved playing at. There's also an arcade and a gift shop. 

The spring visit to Legoland vs winter visit. All of the rides and attractions were open during spring/summer. However, during the winter the entire bottom half of the park was closed. The only rides open were the Brick Street, Bricktopia, and Lego Ninjago sections. The winter did have lots of holiday decorators and holiday themes activities, which was very nice. 

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