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Hershey Park 2022

Hershey Park. The 5 in 1 Package. 

The theme park, the water park, Zoo America, Chocolate World, and Chocolatetown.

Don't forget about the restaurant The Chocolatier. 

We visited this park as a day trip and did not stay in a hotel nearby. The Hershey Park website has a page for lodging, which includes Hershey Park Resorts. 


The Chocolatier

The Chocolatier is a restaurant we ate at as we exited the park. We LOVED the food. Where else can you get Chocolate BBQ wings? 

Tid Bits

Hershey Park

-We purchased discounted buy 2 get 1 free tickets, which was the going 2022 promotion. The tickets include access to the theme park, the boardwalk water park, the Chocolate World,  and Zoo America.

-I am horrible with directions and get lost frequently. My suggestion for a first time visit to this park is to download the app. We added rides to our favorites list, and used the feature that directs you the next ride on your list. This app was a timesaver. 

-Be prepared. Free entry to the Chocolate World does include a free tour of the chocolate factory, which shows how Hershey Chocolate is made. However, there are may other offerings inside of Chocolate World that you will have to pay additional fees to enjoy. For example, you can create you own candy bar, which will cost an extra $28 per person. Yikes. 

Hershey Park


Hershey's Chocolate World

Zoo America

Chocolate Town

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