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Mashantucket,CT 2022

Great Cedar, The Fox Tower, Grand Pequot

Foxwoods has 3 hotels within the casino.

The original hotel is Great Cedar. The Great Cedar usually has the lowers rates is the only hotel without access to the Tanger outlets. The rooms are more outdated compared to The Fox Tower and Grand Pequot. During our stay in 2022 , the pool at the Great Cedar still remained closed. We were allowed to walk over and use The Fox Tower outdoor pool. 

The Fox Tower is usually reasonably priced. Its more updated than the Great Cedar and has direct access to the Tanger Outlets. There's seasonal access to the outdoor pool depending on the month you stay. The entire Fox Tower is non-smoking, while rooms at the other 2 hotels offer both non-smoking and smoking rooms based on availability of your request. 

Grand Pequot has the most updated rooms, therefore, the rooms are a bit more pricey. There is direct access to the Tanger Outlets and an indoor pool you can enjoy year around at no cost.

We stayed at the Great Cedar and it cost around $125 for the night.

Hotel Dining

Great Cedar In-room Dining


Sugar Factory


Guy Fieri's


Tid Bits

There's so much for the entire family to do at Foxwoods.






-Ax games


-Virtual Reality

-Pequot Museum

-Go Karting

-Escape Rooms

-Top Golf

-Comedy Shows


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